Una Touch at SHE!

Una Touch is going to the Sexual Health Expo in LA this weekend!

The Sexual Health Expo is being held February 4-5, 2017 in Los Angeles at the California Market Center.  SHE ‘delivers a crash course in understanding modern sexual relationships with must-attend workshops and captivating intimacy product showcases — all with the chic backdrop of its stylish venues.’  The keynote speaker this year is Dr. Ruth Westheimer!

If you are in the LA area Sunday, February 5  from 12:00pm – 12:40pm  Kathy will be presenting —

Juicy Thinking for Juicy Sex: How to de-stuckify your sex life! With Kathy Hoyt  

“Stuckified” sex is boring and robotic while “juicy” sex is innovative, connecting, and challenging. When creative innovation doesn’t show up on-demand during sex we label ourselves un-creative or maybe dysfunctional, and we look for “the one right way” to do sex, for logic and practicality, and want to avoid appearing foolish or making a mistake. Our sexual exploration drops off and we become stuckified (petrified stuckness). Empower your mind to increase flexibility, fluency and originality in your sexual activities, challenge “the rules”, and find connection with yourself or your partner—create your ecstasy!

More about Kathy

Dr. Kathy Hoyt is a Developmental and Clinical psychologist who helps teens, adults, and business leaders with creative thinking and change. She has 30+ years experience in academic teaching and research plus 25+ years experience consulting with people struggling to find passion, creativity and joy in their work, play and relationships. She is also the CEO of Una Touch, making a new kind of vibrator that allows women to design their own erotic experience. She lives and plays in beautiful Central Oregon with her family, dogs, and her camera!



Una Touch Development Update January 2017

We have been very quiet for the last 6 months.

That does not mean we have not been busy.

On the product development front, Chief Engineer, Mike has our product Alpha prototype on his desk getting software refinements.    Our Industrial Designers are working on the “pre-production” prototype for Beta Testing.   This is the one that will look like the finished product, except that they’re made one at a time.   We’re doing what we can with a shoestring budget to get as far as we can to the Minimum Viable Product stage.

Our CEO and Creativity Guru, Kathy Hoyt has been VERY busy.   In addition to doing investor pitches, Kathy has been working on setting up our Beta Test program and preparing a really fun workshop.   Kathy will be presenting a workshop at the Sexual Health Expo (Feb 4 &5) in Los Angeles called “Juicy Thinking for Juicy Sex:  How to de-stuckify your Sex Life“.   Ooohhh that sounds like fun.   If you are going to be in LA that weekend, click on the link below to get directions and ticket info:



SHE sexual health expo
Come visit us at SHE!



Una Touch Status Update

May,  June and July  have been pretty intense here at Una Touch with a lot being accomplished.

We managed to get the entire team together for a photo op.



Kecia, Angela, Kathy, Mike and Jim.  More on this fabulous team in a future post.

We had some minor set-backs with the hardware, but we are now looking at the pre-production hardware in the developmental shell on Mike’s desk with motors buzzing. Mike said it almost jumped off the desk!

Awesome feedback from our developmental model testers!  Our design team is busy making some minor adjustments then hopefully we can get the Alpha models out.

Mike has honed the basic software and has moved on to  the more advanced settings.

Kathy has worked diligently on our presentation to investors- and  we think she has nailed it!  Kathy and the team have been attending “Pitching Events” where they have met with Angel Investors and received some very insightful feedback.  They continue to work towards acquiring additional funding before we launch on a crowdfunding platform like Indiegogo or Kickstarter.

Kathy also connected with Jane Fonda on her blog.  WAHOO!!  Check out Grace and Frankie Season 2 Episode 13 where they discuss the topic of women and vibrators.

Stay tuned… things are heating up in August!

Una Status for April 2016

Well, things are certainly moving along.

We’re working on the pre-production hardware in the lab.

The device software is coming together.

We’re doing some final ‘human subjects” tests before selecting which vibration motors to use.

The Industrial Designers are running off some sample plastic enclosures for us to work with on a 3D printer — these will look like the final device, but made out of 3D printer filament, and of course, they’re made “one at a time” instead of in an injection molding process.   This will be sufficient for us to sign off the design for the next phases of the process.

We’re bringing a sales person and a project manager into the team.  We’re quickly lining up long-term stable supplies of components, manufacturing and order fulfillment.

We’re trying to have demos in front of potential investors before the end of April, with a formal Beta Test program and public unveiling of Una soon after that.

I don’t have any pictures to show yet, but soon — very soon.


Una Vibrators Product Development Update January 2016.

Its been a long road.   We’ve worked hard to design a new vibrator with a unique shape, control system and curl-your-toes experience.

We are finally in a position to say that our 1st product (and our 1st Beta Tester) is “coming soon”

The main circuit boards — the brains of the device — arrived on Friday.    We’ll start in on the software bring-up this week.

Our industrial design team approved the touch sensors last week.   We should be test-fitting the real things together in about 10 days.  Angela did an amazing kick-ass job on the PCB layout for this mixed rigid-flexible circuit board.   When it comes in, we’ll post pictures — its just nice to look at — like a piece of modern art.

We’re in kind of a “rolling two week mode” for the project, which is less than perfect, but we cannot identify any serious problems — we’re just being extremely careful in how we spend money and making sure things are done right before moving to the next step in the process.

We will have more status in mid-February.

That is all.



Una Development Update/November

Greetings from Team Una!  We’ve been quiet for a few months, but also very, very busy.

Our production prototype continues to get closer to being done.

Things we’ve been working on:

  • Running vibration motors to death to make sure they will last.
  • Testing battery charge and discharge times using the motors and our wireless chargers.
  • Evaluating wireless charging systems.
  • Revising the electronics design.    Among other things, we’re making sure they are cost effective to manufacture, and reliable, and that its easy to source the parts.   Angela “the Dremel Ninja” is now a seasoned pro at PCB layout.
  • Evaluating the touch and motion sensor test platform.  This is a circuit board which includes just the sensors.  We can connect it to an Arduino for testing purposes, and an ARM board for running development on the Intuitive Touch sensing platform.   Here’s a picture of the board:touch
  • The touch sensor that goes into Una will actually be manufactured as a flexible circuit board so that it can conform to the device’s shell.    Its a spinoff of the design in the picture — smaller, slightly different shape, and bendy.  We’re working on the engineering and getting manufacturing quotes for that.
  • Our Industrial Designers are having our model 3D scanned so they can turn it into an engineered shape for the prototype run.  I really wish I could show pictures of this, but not yet.  Soon.  Very soon.

In addition to the product itself, we’re also working on the business side of things so that we are ready to deliver a quality consumer product in short-order after we’ve done our beta testing with the production prototypes.   Yes, there will be Alpha and Beta testing and Alpha and Beta testers.   But I won’t make any jokes about Master Beta testers.

Some days the whole process just seems to crawl along because we are busy with our day jobs, but every day the progress does continue.    The product is coming together, the team who will bring this to the people is being formed, and we’re putting everything we know about project and product planning into delivering a delightful, unique and quality product.




Una Vibrators Development Update

Team Una is deep into the layout of the printed circuit boards that go into our device.  Its taking a lot longer than we though, but the work is coming along nicely.

Our Industrial Design team has given us rough dimensions to work towards for our circuit boards — we know how wide they can be and how tall the components can be.   From the 3D CAD models, we know where the key components need to go and how much space we have overall.   We’re fitting the electronics together to go onto these circuit boards, working out the best placement for ease of assembly, reliability, heat dissipation, and a number of other factors.  This isn’t rocket science, but if we want devices that look great, feel great and last for years —  that takes planning.

Angela is finishing up our “Intuitive Touch Platform Demo” board — that’s where we will demo the basic hardware/software technology for the IntuitiveTouch user interface.  The IntuitiveTouch platform  senses the orientation of the user’s hand, and what their fingers are doing.  Instead of you looking at a SmartPhone screen to see where the buttons our user interface looks at where your hand is and puts the buttons under your fingers, but it does it in a really intelligent way.    Our software engineers will use this hardware to wring out the  IntuitiveTouch user interface (UI), which is the basis for the Una Vibrators products.   We’re working hard to get it as close to right on the 1st try as we can get.   We’ll show pictures as soon as we have boards back.

Also in progress are the Una Vibrators “real product” circuit boards.  These use the IntuitiveTouch software, but they customize it to  implement a user interface for Una’s vibrator devices.   Each device in the family will include a multitouch sensor that is matched to the shape of the specific Una Vibrators device.     Then, there is a main circuit board composed of a processor chip, sensors, battery hookups, the secret sauce,  and the actual vibrator control hardware.  The main board interprets the touches to make the vibrator to amazing and uniquely individual patterns.   We’re packing a lot of technology into about 3 square inches while trying to maximize the reliability and minimize the cost.

We’re still planning to show  “pre-production” prototypes this Fall — these will look and operate like devices we will sell, but they’ll be made one at a time.   These will be used for a number of purposes including marketing, manufacturing planning, reliability testing, marketing and yes — human subjects.   A team of volunteer testers will risk life and limb to give us detailed feedback on all aspects of the design.

Every day we’re making progress towards the goal (while we also work on our day jobs).  Every day it gets more real.

We’ll keep publishing updates as we get closer to showing off the products!





Una Update April 5th

We have not had time to write recently.  That’s because we’re so busy.

The industrial designers are working on the plastic shell for the device based on feedback from our focus group.   We’ll have 3D printed models very soon.

Mike and Angela are working on the circuit boards to go inside the shell — touch sensors, battery charger, motion sensor and the brains.  Its all coming together and we expect to make the first batch of boards in about 3 weeks.

Once we have the first devices assembled, we’ll work on finalizing the touch-based user interface (our Intuitive Touch Technology), and getting the devices in front of real people to try out.

We’re also working on some hardware testing — Angela has built a couple of circuit boards to run the motors.   We’ll be testing how long the motors last under typical conditions to see when they fail, and we’re testing battery life vs. the types of patterns we are using the motors to generate.  Very cool stuff.


The Most Complicated Things in the Universe

While I do not have great wisdom, and according to some people I am not all that smart, I believe I can identify the three most complicated things in the universe.

#3 — The US tax code.   While certainly very complicated, it pales in comparison to

#2 — The human brain.   Consciousness and intelligence are darned complicated, but this too pales in comparison to…

#1 — Female sexuality.  Yes, its the #1 most complicated thing in the universe.  Why?  I don’t know. I’m a guy.   I am smart enough to know its not just about making a piece of hardware to stimulate some nerve endings.    The process of arousal for women is different for each woman, and just seeing a giant hot-pink dildo isn’t enough to do the trick.     It involves the mood, the sounds, the overall sensory experience.  Maybe music.  Maybe touch.   Kindness.   Maybe there’s toys involved, maybe not.  Maybe not the same thing twice.

All of this is the long way of saying we need a lot of different vibrators in the world because all women are different and its a biological fact that stimulation of the clitoris and other body parts with vibration is a good thing.

How does Una Vibrators fit into this, and what are we doing that’s so different?

Well, first off, we’re starting with an advisory group of women of all ages, shapes and sizes.   Our “Una Tribe” is helping us get the shape of the device “just right”, with bumps in all the right places and controls that make sense.

We’re also not trying to make a one size fits all product.  We’re working to  learn the key things that a lot of women like — we’ll use these as a starting point, then have our devices adapt themselves to the individual.    You will buy a vibrator from Una that does something interesting and pleasant right out of the box, but each time you use it, the device tunes itself to the way you use it, and it remembers.  Very quickly, your new Una vibrator becomes YOUR Una vibrator.

OK, so that’s great, but what if you want to change the way it works?

Don’t worry — we’ll have an app for that.

What if that’s not enough?

We got you covered.  If you’re more technical, we’ll have an open API so that you can write your own apps to communicate with the vibrator and make Una vibrators work any darned way you want — but that’s a topic for another day.




What’s new at Una Vibrators this week (March 4th)?

We’re continuing to work on refining the hardware design.   Today, we ordered another test board for the motor drive circuits.   These circuits turn the 1’s and 0’s from the microprocessor into big heaps of electrons to make the motors do their thing.



The Doc is continuing to work with our advisory team on the shape, and getting anonymous survey data back/collated and turned into a report for our Industrial Design team.

We continue to chip away at the long list of tasks to get to a product release.