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Una Touch Inc.  is our company.  We're located in Bend, Oregon.   Una develops high-tech tools that take advantage of our sense of touch to communicate with technology.  Our first product is a vibrator that combines a unique touch sensing based User Interface (UI),  smart software  and multiple motors in an amazing new way.


Kathy Hoyt PhD (the "Doc") is our CEO.   Kathy has a background in human sexuality (graduate degree #1), research psychology (graduate degree #2) and clinical psychology (graduate degree #3).  She's pretty smart.  She knows a lot about what people like and why they like it.  At one point she was training to be a sex therapist.  These days her work is focused on helping people be more creative and find their ideal career.    Ask her about photography, "painting with food" and the "creative destruction" party her women's group threw and you will understand -- she is "a creative".


The Engineer

Mike Kentley is an engineer/geek/inventor.  He works in the electronics industry, and has been helping companies make computer chips and electronic devices for 25 years.   Mostly Mike works on products that use USB to connect to computers, but his passion is to make complex embedded systems that "just work".  And brewing beer. They're both highly technical, creative activities.