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How SHE saved the Doc’s Phone

This is not really a story about SHE.  Its about the Fuck Shame sticker, and what happened after SHE when Team Una needed some dinner.

So what is a Fuck Shame sticker?   I am glad you asked.

On Saturday evening at SHE, there was a mix and meet where lots of people (like Team Una) had tables set up to talk about what we’re doing and to, you know, mix and meet.   One of the tables was hosted by Heather Brewer MFT.    She had a quite fetching cigarette girl helping (or was that you in disguise Heather?) but instead of handing out cigarettes, she had papers where you could write anonymous sex questions(She’s going to answer them later on her blog). In return you got these cool “Fuck Shame” stickers.    Its always a good thing to keep in mind, so the Doc’s sticker went right onto the back of her phone. That was a real smart move.

2015-01-26 22.20.13

After things finished up on Sunday night, Team Una was hungry, and we wanted to explore.  We took a taxi down to the Farmer’s Market and had the most amazingly awesome time.   Fondue,  Beef Bourguignon, beer, dessert in what felt like a Spring evening.  There were people from everywhere, and you know — people who were basically in a good mood and hanging with friends and family.  That’s not what I was expecting for LA.   Heaven.

After dinner, as the market was closing, we walked out through “The Grove”.   Now, if you have never been there — its basically an outdoor shopping mall.  In the middle is a great big fountain (see the pic …)

the grove

See where the umbrellas are in the picture?  That’s where we were standing.    We were all trying to take pictures of the fountain while it was pulsating in time to some music.

While this was going on, someone bumped the Doc’s arm, and her phone went plop — right into the pond.  The Doc started yelling for me to save her phone.

It was almost dark.  My eyes are not what they used to be.  At first I saw nothing.  But then I saw the orange “Fuck Shame” sticker.   I had my shoes off, and was in and out of the pond before the security guards knew what happened.      The phone was in the water for less than 30 seconds.   We popped the battery, let it dry overnight, and it still works just as bad as it ever did.    So thanks to “Fuck Shame”, the Doc’s phone is saved.




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