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What does your kid think about this?

The question is:  What does your kid think of what you are doing?

I (Mike) have been asked this question by several people.

We actually fretted about what to tell our child.   For a long time he was too young to care, but as he approaches teenager-hood.  this could become an issue.  What to say?

One day, the Doc and I sat our child down (Think of Mr. and Mrs. Brady having a heart to heart with Bobby).    The conversation went something like:

Us:  You know mommy and I are working on a project with Angela.

Son:  Yes.

Us: You know what we’re making?

Son:  Yeah, you’re making a vibrator.

<mom and dad are stunned.  Kids are apparently information sponges>

Us: You know what that is?

Son: Sure, the teacher talked about them at school in “My Future,  My Choice”.    Can I use your iTunes?

So there you go.   Its OK — they learned about what vibrators are at school, and he apparently doesn’t give a rip.

Its the 21st century by the way.  Just in case that wasn’t clear.  Our kids are going to live in a world that’s different than the one we grew up in.


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