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Its not a toy. Its a complex embedded system with a touch based user interface.

Una Vibrators makes sex toys or “adult novelty devices” if you prefer.   There are a million sex toys on the market.  What is different about Una’s products?

Well, first off,  Una’s vibrators are neither “novelty devices”, nor are they properly called “toys”.  They’re going to be a real treat for adults to play with though.

There are a number of factors that make Una’s products different — we will discuss materials, the batteries, the shape, the motors,  recycling, reliability, UL, FCC & IPx7 testing,  and the overall experience in future posts.   Right now we’re going to talk about the electronics and the software.

If they’re not toys, then what are they?    Technically, the Una products are “embedded systems  with a novel, touch based user interface”.    If you’re an electrical engineer or computer scientist reading this, then I can say things like “ARM, multi-core, IoT, Bluetooth, LiPo, machine learning,  projected capacitance touch sensor and secure firmware loader with haptic feedback” and that’s basically “’nuff said”.   That doesn’t mean much to most people though.   You can look up “embedded system” on Wikipedia, but that’s not going to tell you a lot either.

What does all that mean in English?   Its a device with a really smart computer inside that only knows how to do one thing, and do it well.

Let’s start with the basics.  Most vibrators on the market have one or more motors, a power source, and something to control the power supply to the motors — buttons or knobs. Some of the luxury devices have small microchips in them to create various pulsing patterns and support a Bluetooth connection to your phone or tablet.  You push the button/turn the knob and something happens to the motors.  You push the button again, and something different happens to the motors.

Una is a little smarter.    We went into this wanting to make something nobody had ever seen before (and Mike wanted to impress his wife).  We obviously have motors, but there are no buttons.  We have a touch sensing surface (like your iPhone without the screen). and a bad-ass microprocessor.   We have a Bluetooth radio, and various types of sensors.   We have some proprietary software to bind all the pieces together (Our “Intuitive Touch Platform”).

The touch sensor receives touches, slides, taps and other gestures. The software running on the microprocessor interprets them to determine what the user might like to do, and generates sequences  to drive the motors.     Using some sophisticated machine learning algorithms, the device learns what a given user likes, and over time and it tunes itself to the specific user.   Una’s vibrators will remember what you like way better than your partner does.  Using the Bluetooth radio, our devices can communicate with a phone/tablet/computer to allow the user to compose their own “symphonies” with the touch of a finger.

So, they’re not really toys.   There is a sophisticated computer in there, but all it knows how to do is learn what you like, and apply that to your body in the form of vibrations.

Pretty techie, I know, but, if we do our jobs right, you won’t even notice the technology — you’ll notice how beautiful the device is, and you will delight in discovering all the things Una vibrators can do.


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