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The Most Complicated Things in the Universe

While I do not have great wisdom, and according to some people I am not all that smart, I believe I can identify the three most complicated things in the universe.

#3 — The US tax code.   While certainly very complicated, it pales in comparison to

#2 — The human brain.   Consciousness and intelligence are darned complicated, but this too pales in comparison to…

#1 — Female sexuality.  Yes, its the #1 most complicated thing in the universe.  Why?  I don’t know. I’m a guy.   I am smart enough to know its not just about making a piece of hardware to stimulate some nerve endings.    The process of arousal for women is different for each woman, and just seeing a giant hot-pink dildo isn’t enough to do the trick.     It involves the mood, the sounds, the overall sensory experience.  Maybe music.  Maybe touch.   Kindness.   Maybe there’s toys involved, maybe not.  Maybe not the same thing twice.

All of this is the long way of saying we need a lot of different vibrators in the world because all women are different and its a biological fact that stimulation of the clitoris and other body parts with vibration is a good thing.

How does Una Vibrators fit into this, and what are we doing that’s so different?

Well, first off, we’re starting with an advisory group of women of all ages, shapes and sizes.   Our “Una Tribe” is helping us get the shape of the device “just right”, with bumps in all the right places and controls that make sense.

We’re also not trying to make a one size fits all product.  We’re working to  learn the key things that a lot of women like — we’ll use these as a starting point, then have our devices adapt themselves to the individual.    You will buy a vibrator from Una that does something interesting and pleasant right out of the box, but each time you use it, the device tunes itself to the way you use it, and it remembers.  Very quickly, your new Una vibrator becomes YOUR Una vibrator.

OK, so that’s great, but what if you want to change the way it works?

Don’t worry — we’ll have an app for that.

What if that’s not enough?

We got you covered.  If you’re more technical, we’ll have an open API so that you can write your own apps to communicate with the vibrator and make Una vibrators work any darned way you want — but that’s a topic for another day.




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