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Una Development Update/November

Greetings from Team Una!  We’ve been quiet for a few months, but also very, very busy.

Our production prototype continues to get closer to being done.

Things we’ve been working on:

  • Running vibration motors to death to make sure they will last.
  • Testing battery charge and discharge times using the motors and our wireless chargers.
  • Evaluating wireless charging systems.
  • Revising the electronics design.    Among other things, we’re making sure they are cost effective to manufacture, and reliable, and that its easy to source the parts.   Angela “the Dremel Ninja” is now a seasoned pro at PCB layout.
  • Evaluating the touch and motion sensor test platform.  This is a circuit board which includes just the sensors.  We can connect it to an Arduino for testing purposes, and an ARM board for running development on the Intuitive Touch sensing platform.   Here’s a picture of the board:touch
  • The touch sensor that goes into Una will actually be manufactured as a flexible circuit board so that it can conform to the device’s shell.    Its a spinoff of the design in the picture — smaller, slightly different shape, and bendy.  We’re working on the engineering and getting manufacturing quotes for that.
  • Our Industrial Designers are having our model 3D scanned so they can turn it into an engineered shape for the prototype run.  I really wish I could show pictures of this, but not yet.  Soon.  Very soon.

In addition to the product itself, we’re also working on the business side of things so that we are ready to deliver a quality consumer product in short-order after we’ve done our beta testing with the production prototypes.   Yes, there will be Alpha and Beta testing and Alpha and Beta testers.   But I won’t make any jokes about Master Beta testers.

Some days the whole process just seems to crawl along because we are busy with our day jobs, but every day the progress does continue.    The product is coming together, the team who will bring this to the people is being formed, and we’re putting everything we know about project and product planning into delivering a delightful, unique and quality product.




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