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Una Status for April 2016

Well, things are certainly moving along.

We’re working on the pre-production hardware in the lab.

The device software is coming together.

We’re doing some final ‘human subjects” tests before selecting which vibration motors to use.

The Industrial Designers are running off some sample plastic enclosures for us to work with on a 3D printer — these will look like the final device, but made out of 3D printer filament, and of course, they’re made “one at a time” instead of in an injection molding process.   This will be sufficient for us to sign off the design for the next phases of the process.

We’re bringing a sales person and a project manager into the team.  We’re quickly lining up long-term stable supplies of components, manufacturing and order fulfillment.

We’re trying to have demos in front of potential investors before the end of April, with a formal Beta Test program and public unveiling of Una soon after that.

I don’t have any pictures to show yet, but soon — very soon.


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