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Una Touch Development Update January 2017

We have been very quiet for the last 6 months.

That does not mean we have not been busy.

On the product development front, Chief Engineer, Mike has our product Alpha prototype on his desk getting software refinements.    Our Industrial Designers are working on the “pre-production” prototype for Beta Testing.   This is the one that will look like the finished product, except that they’re made one at a time.   We’re doing what we can with a shoestring budget to get as far as we can to the Minimum Viable Product stage.

Our CEO and Creativity Guru, Kathy Hoyt has been VERY busy.   In addition to doing investor pitches, Kathy has been working on setting up our Beta Test program and preparing a really fun workshop.   Kathy will be presenting a workshop at the Sexual Health Expo (Feb 4 &5) in Los Angeles called “Juicy Thinking for Juicy Sex:  How to de-stuckify your Sex Life“.   Ooohhh that sounds like fun.   If you are going to be in LA that weekend, click on the link below to get directions and ticket info:



SHE sexual health expo

Come visit us at SHE!



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