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Una Touch Status Update

May,  June and July  have been pretty intense here at Una Touch with a lot being accomplished.

We managed to get the entire team together for a photo op.



Kecia, Angela, Kathy, Mike and Jim.  More on this fabulous team in a future post.

We had some minor set-backs with the hardware, but we are now looking at the pre-production hardware in the developmental shell on Mike’s desk with motors buzzing. Mike said it almost jumped off the desk!

Awesome feedback from our developmental model testers!  Our design team is busy making some minor adjustments then hopefully we can get the Alpha models out.

Mike has honed the basic software and has moved on to  the more advanced settings.

Kathy has worked diligently on our presentation to investors- and  we think she has nailed it!  Kathy and the team have been attending “Pitching Events” where they have met with Angel Investors and received some very insightful feedback.  They continue to work towards acquiring additional funding before we launch on a crowdfunding platform like Indiegogo or Kickstarter.

Kathy also connected with Jane Fonda on her blog.  WAHOO!!  Check out Grace and Frankie Season 2 Episode 13 where they discuss the topic of women and vibrators.

Stay tuned… things are heating up in August!

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