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Una Update April 5th

We have not had time to write recently.  That’s because we’re so busy.

The industrial designers are working on the plastic shell for the device based on feedback from our focus group.   We’ll have 3D printed models very soon.

Mike and Angela are working on the circuit boards to go inside the shell — touch sensors, battery charger, motion sensor and the brains.  Its all coming together and we expect to make the first batch of boards in about 3 weeks.

Once we have the first devices assembled, we’ll work on finalizing the touch-based user interface (our Intuitive Touch Technology), and getting the devices in front of real people to try out.

We’re also working on some hardware testing — Angela has built a couple of circuit boards to run the motors.   We’ll be testing how long the motors last under typical conditions to see when they fail, and we’re testing battery life vs. the types of patterns we are using the motors to generate.  Very cool stuff.


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