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Una Vibrators Development Update

Team Una is deep into the layout of the printed circuit boards that go into our device.  Its taking a lot longer than we though, but the work is coming along nicely.

Our Industrial Design team has given us rough dimensions to work towards for our circuit boards — we know how wide they can be and how tall the components can be.   From the 3D CAD models, we know where the key components need to go and how much space we have overall.   We’re fitting the electronics together to go onto these circuit boards, working out the best placement for ease of assembly, reliability, heat dissipation, and a number of other factors.  This isn’t rocket science, but if we want devices that look great, feel great and last for years —  that takes planning.

Angela is finishing up our “Intuitive Touch Platform Demo” board — that’s where we will demo the basic hardware/software technology for the IntuitiveTouch user interface.  The IntuitiveTouch platform  senses the orientation of the user’s hand, and what their fingers are doing.  Instead of you looking at a SmartPhone screen to see where the buttons our user interface looks at where your hand is and puts the buttons under your fingers, but it does it in a really intelligent way.    Our software engineers will use this hardware to wring out the  IntuitiveTouch user interface (UI), which is the basis for the Una Vibrators products.   We’re working hard to get it as close to right on the 1st try as we can get.   We’ll show pictures as soon as we have boards back.

Also in progress are the Una Vibrators “real product” circuit boards.  These use the IntuitiveTouch software, but they customize it to  implement a user interface for Una’s vibrator devices.   Each device in the family will include a multitouch sensor that is matched to the shape of the specific Una Vibrators device.     Then, there is a main circuit board composed of a processor chip, sensors, battery hookups, the secret sauce,  and the actual vibrator control hardware.  The main board interprets the touches to make the vibrator to amazing and uniquely individual patterns.   We’re packing a lot of technology into about 3 square inches while trying to maximize the reliability and minimize the cost.

We’re still planning to show  “pre-production” prototypes this Fall — these will look and operate like devices we will sell, but they’ll be made one at a time.   These will be used for a number of purposes including marketing, manufacturing planning, reliability testing, marketing and yes — human subjects.   A team of volunteer testers will risk life and limb to give us detailed feedback on all aspects of the design.

Every day we’re making progress towards the goal (while we also work on our day jobs).  Every day it gets more real.

We’ll keep publishing updates as we get closer to showing off the products!





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