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Una Vibrators Product Development Update January 2016.

Its been a long road.   We’ve worked hard to design a new vibrator with a unique shape, control system and curl-your-toes experience.

We are finally in a position to say that our 1st product (and our 1st Beta Tester) is “coming soon”

The main circuit boards — the brains of the device — arrived on Friday.    We’ll start in on the software bring-up this week.

Our industrial design team approved the touch sensors last week.   We should be test-fitting the real things together in about 10 days.  Angela did an amazing kick-ass job on the PCB layout for this mixed rigid-flexible circuit board.   When it comes in, we’ll post pictures — its just nice to look at — like a piece of modern art.

We’re in kind of a “rolling two week mode” for the project, which is less than perfect, but we cannot identify any serious problems — we’re just being extremely careful in how we spend money and making sure things are done right before moving to the next step in the process.

We will have more status in mid-February.

That is all.



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