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Una’s Design Considerations

When the Intuitive Touch Team decided we wanted to make a vibrator, we didn’t just want to make something and “get it out there”.   We could have.   Several people suggested that.  We were looking for a product to demonstrate the Intuitive Touch Hardware/Software  platform, not necessarily to go into the sex toy business.  However, we don’t like to do things halfway, and we are nuts for quality and being creative.    We looked at what has been done, and where the industry is going, and decided there was lots of room for us to innovate.  If we were going to step out on a limb doing “intimacy products”, we were going to do it right.

So — as a team, it was important to us to see if we could make something that women really liked a lot — enough that they would happily tell their friends about this delightful, elegant and beautiful toy they owned.   We set a pretty high bar for ourselves.  This requires patience, planning and persistence.

We wanted to create an experience for the senses — all the senses.  Starting with the plain brown box,  down to the amazingly beautiful packaging, the device itself, and yes – –  your thousandth orgasm.    All of the pieces have to fit together perfectly.  This is not just a sex-geek/electronics-geek project.  It needs to look like someone thought every step through carefully.

We wanted the device to “just work” and “be ready when you are”.  Nobody wants to pull their vibrator out of the drawer and find that it needs to charge for 8 hours before use.  That just kind of kills the moment.    Nobody wants to read the instruction manual for a vibrator —  it should work in a way that makes sense and is a delight to discover all the things it does.

We required the devices to be waterproof and body safe.   How does one prove this?  UL testing, FCC testing will tell us that the electronics are safe, but we also need to test for waterproofness, and be able to prove that the materials we are using really are body safe.

What if your mother in law or the kids are in the next room?   Quiet is important.

Each of these features has many details that needed to be worked out — what materials specifically?   How heavy is the device?  Can we make something beautiful and elegant?  Can we manufacture it here in the USA?  Can we hit a price point that allows us to make the devices cost effectively?   Does it let us thoroughly wring out the Intuitive Touch Technology platform?   If you leave it out on your nightstand, does it look like  a sex toy or  a piece of art?

The Intuitive Touch Tech team has been working on all of this for several years — doing prototypes,  writing business plans,  working with mechanical engineers and doing focus groups.    I guarantee — our team meetings are more fun and interesting than yours.  We’ve been learning all kinds of stuff they don’t teach in school.  Over the next months, we’ll be writing about all of these “design factors” in detail — leading up to the launch of Una’s first product.   Its going to be awesome.


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