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What we loved about SHE

Team Una had a little table at the Sexual Health Expo’s Meet and Greet on Saturday.    We got a chance to tell people about Una’s 1st vibrator.  This was our first foray out into the public with info about what we are making.

The Doc had a powerpoint showing off some concepts about how the touch user interface will work.  Mike had a demo of the hardware (I promise, I will make a video).  Kim was our networking Ninja and stealthily roamed the area meeting people and sending them our way.  We met an amazing variety of people from all walks of life.

What did we like?

Well,  the whole expo went just about flawlessly from our perspective.   It was really nice to be able to show up/set up/do our thing/get out without hassles.  Thanks Kat if you’re reading this.  Great to chat with you by the way :-)

The Sofitel was pretty darned nifty.   If you stay there — the breakfast buffet is killer and the staff was wonderful.

We got outside of our comfort zones.    Way outside.  We decided it was ok.

We went to a number of the talks  — the Doc particularly enjoyed Ducky Doolittle’s workshop (she’s got a million one liners) and the one about sex and aging and oxytocin and more.    Mike got to see Tristan’s talk and his comment was “she’s an awesome public speaker.  I’d go listen to her talk even if she was selling life insurance”.

The people were nice — we had lots of people come to our table asking questions, offering to help, asking to be beta testers (we’ll need to set up the Team Una  “Master Beta Tester Team” ).  We talked to some potential competitors who offered to tell us what mistakes not to make as we get into the business (so we can make new ones of our own).

It turns out that Tristan Taormino, Ducky Dootlittle, Reid Mihalko  are real people you can just walk up to and say hello.

What was the best part?  Well, to me (Mike) it felt like there was a sense of community.  I had a couple of conversations that I could not imagine happening anywhere else.   I got it — sex is something all of us are interested in, and most of us wouldn’t be here without it — but it was more than that.   I’m looking forward to seeing some of these folks again at the next event we go to, and maybe actually getting to know them.

It was my first time at a trade show like this and I felt completely welcome and comfortable.   I’ve been in the tech business for 25 years, and have never felt like that at one of my usual trade shows. Thank you to Emily and the SHE team for making this happen.

We’ll be back next year to collect our “Most Innovative Sex Toy for Women” and “Best New Sex Toy” awards.




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